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😊3D have enjoyed their Peacemakers session this morning. We played the
Sun Shines On Me Because....... and children choose to share something positive about themselves
Fruit Salad ...a mixing up game to encourage different children to work with one another....
and a quick session on the Magic Carpet for Ismaeel.
We appreciate you in the class because of...
Your kindness
Your ability to play with anyone
Your honesty.
Your character.
Your excellent listening.
Your hard work.
and finally because you never ever give up ! Phew! What a lot of positive things the children had to say about Ismaeel today ! 😊😊😊

We will continue our session this afternoon when we play ...Bus stop a decision making game which encourages the children to make independent decisions for themselves. Ask yourself ...chocolate or chips? One good friend or many friends? Hmmmmm I wonder what the children will chose?


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Year 3 have been building their own cars in D.T. Once built they were used to investigate the effects of friction. to do this the children rolled the cars down a series of different ramps which each had a different surface texture. Sponge, wood, sandpaper and carpet. Before beginning their investigation they made a series of predictions about which surfaces would create the most friction. Then the fun began !
Take a look at the pictures below:

Year 3 have been learning about different types of rocks. Granular, crystallised and fossilised. We looked at the formation of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. The children were given an assortment of rocks and were asked to group the rocks according to their appearance. We then sorted the rocks correctly and the children were excited to see if their predictions were correct.

On a rather wet afternoon this week, Year 3 took part in their first archaeological dig in response to a letter they had received from Ida Moore, stating there was a rumour that Beaker Pottery (2500 years old) had been found at Welford Primary School.  The children excavated a small quadrant of the woods; sifting and sieving for any fragments of pottery.    Below is evidence of their dig and any associated finds! Well done Year 3!