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On a rather wet afternoon this week, Year 3 took part in their first archaeological dig in response to a letter they had received from Ida Moore, stating there was a rumour that Beaker Pottery (2500 years old) had been found at Welford Primary School.  The children excavated a small quadrant of the woods; sifting and sieving for any fragments of pottery.    Below is evidence of their dig and any associated finds! Well done Year 3!

Recent posts

Mini Olympics

Year 3 were lucky enough  to have a visit from Bella, who works for Asda Perry Barr. Bella organised a mini-Olympic style games, where children competed in groups and individually over a variety of sporting tasks. At the end of it we were tired but fitter than ever! We all got into the sporting spirit and were even rewarded with stickers, certificates, wristbands and medals for the group winners! A big thank you to Bella for visiting Welford and sorting out the event!

Cave Art Paintings

As part of our Flints and Stones topic, Year 3 have been learning about Cave Art and the resources Stone Age man had available to create art. We decided to immerse ourselves in our learning by creating our own Stone Age paintbrushes using the branches and leaves that we picked ourselves from the school field. We then used our paintbrushes to have a go at creating some Cave Art. It was challenging painting with our leafy brushes but we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Business Enterprise - Success!

Following all their hard work surrounding the topic theme of Tribal Tales the children held a Business Enterprise afternoon. Parents were invited to view the children's creative work which included hand made cave art tiles, cave paintings and some very frightening portrait photos of the children dressed as tribal warriors. Squash, biscuits and homemade pakora were available and the children spent quality time with their parents and friends. We were also able to raise a phenomenal £189.30 which will be used to treat the children to a curricular enrichment activity.

The Journey

As part of a whole school literacy initiative, we are having a focus week using the book The Journey. To hook the children in Year 3 we covered our doors in red and put a question mark. Needless to say the children had many questions, were curious and some even hesitant to even open their classroom door!

Tremors - Volcanoes

As part of our Tremors topic in Year 3, we assigned the children with a homework project to create their own Volcanoes. We were blown away by the response and the Volcanoes that arrived! Well done to the children for their enthusiasm and hard work in producing these magnificent model Volcanoes.