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Buisness Enterprise - Success!

Following all their hard work surrounding the topic theme of Tribal Tales the children held a Business Enterprise afternoon. Parents were invited to view the children's creative work which included hand made cave art tiles, cave paintings and some very frightening portrait photos of the children dressed as tribal warriors. Squash, biscuits and homemade pakora were available and the children spent quality time with their parents and friends. We were also able to raise a phenomenal £189.30 which will be used to treat the children to a curricular enrichment activity.

Recent posts

The Journey

As part of a whole school literacy initiative, we are having a focus week using the book The Journey. To hook the children in Year 3 we covered our doors in red and put a question mark. Needless to say the children had many questions, were curious and some even hesitant to even open their classroom door!

Tremors - Volcanoes

As part of our Tremors topic in Year 3, we assigned the children with a homework project to create their own Volcanoes. We were blown away by the response and the Volcanoes that arrived! Well done to the children for their enthusiasm and hard work in producing these magnificent model Volcanoes.

Year 3 3D shape investigation.

Year 3 had an exciting time investigating the properties of 3D shapes and how to make them. What can you do with marshmallows and cocktail sticks? Plenty! Take a look at some of the fantastic shapes made independently...


Archaeological excavation!

Year 3 were lucky enough to be archaeologists for the afternoon! The weather was kind to us and we deployed a range of tools to take turns digging and sifting in the hopes of finding some beaker pottery. With our findings we will use it to write a response letter to an "ex-pupil" who informed us of the rumours of the beaker pottery!