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Paralympic PE

Last week, Welford were lucky enough to have a Paralympic PE event. Sports coaches devised a round robin style PE lesson involving a variety of Paralympic sports activities such as boccia, sitting volleyball, target practice and wheelchair racing. It's safe to say that both 3C and 3WP had a lot of fun (as the pictures attest to) taking part in our Paralympic style PE session.
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Greek Immersion Day

To welcome the children back and hook them into our new topic, Great Gods and Mere Mortals, Year 3 had a Greek immersion day. As soon as the children arrived in the morning, we dressed them up as Ancient Greek citizens. We created leafy wreaths to wear and sang Greek themed songs. In the afternoon, we took the children into the hall and treated them to a culinary experience featuring a range of greek delicacies such as olives, feta cheese and tzatziki.

Peek into Prehistory

Usually,during the school year we take the children on educational visits related to our Topics. Sadly, recent circumstances have meant that this hasn't been possible. However we received some exciting news that the British Museum was offering virtual tours, an offer that was far too good to miss! Our virtual visit took place last Friday afternoon. The children were in awe of the building when shown by the tour guide. The tour guide explained to the children what her job as an archaeologist entailted and how we use artefacts to help us build a picture of what the past was like. The tour was interactive, with children able to ask and answer questions. One of the highlights of the sessions was the Prehistoric quiz on Kahoot. Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience which helped to broaden our understanding of Prehistoric Britain.

Funny Bones! 🦴 πŸ’€

We began our new science topic last week of Animals and Humans and the children had lots of fun creating their own skeletons - trying to find the different bones and labelling them.  I don’t know what they enjoyed more - lying on the floor or naming the bones!  Well done year 3 🦴 πŸ’€ 

Gymnastics 🀸🏿‍♀️🀸🏿‍♀️🀸🏿‍♀️🀸🏿‍♀️

Keeping (and staying!) active is so important in everyone's lives and over the last six months, we have all taken a hit - but Year 3 returned to school, resilient in every way and have approached Gymnastics lessons with enthusiasm and perseverence. Last week we learned how to be a gymnast - walking like a gymnast and learning the names of some gymnastic postitions. The children were amazing in their Gymnast / Coach roles and by the end of the session could tuck, pike, dish, arch and front and back support well. This week, we have been looking at balancing and using our hands and feet in different ways,and using some simple equipment to build our balances Thank you to Positive PE for their amazing support in their training last year to help us make our PE teaching better.  πŸ‘

Stone Age Stewed Fruit

Year 3 have been studying instruction texts and as part of the process we made some Stone Age stewed fruit using a selection of fruits, hazelnut and honey as an added sweetener. The process not only allowed the children to get stuck in practically but also informed their own writing of instructions following the making of the fruit stew. 

Sarehole Mill

Year 3 had a fantastic day out at Sarehole Mill. We were explorers for the day and explored around the grounds and areas such as the 'Bug Hotel' and  the 'Sound Wall' using binoculars and microscopes. We also learnt about the Stone Age and Bronze and the materials they used to make their shelters as well how they lived their lives. The children thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience.