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Y3 Greek themed Business Enterprise

On Tuesday 11th June 2019, Year 3 held their Business Enterprise event linked to The Gods and Mortals topic - everyone (including staff!) were very excited and we had lots of Greek themed things to sell.

Mrs Begum-Wills organised a fruit hamper and Miss Williams created some cheese boards, (courtesy of Asda) as a raffle prize and the children iced cakes with Greek character toppers, sold crisps, biscuits and drinks, looked after the Greek dips and pitta bread, sold the photographs of their wonderful assembly and also sold the masks that they created in their D&T work.

Many, many parents attended and children encouraged them to spend money on the goods for sale. Aneesa in 3C won the fruit hamper and Hina in the Office won the cheeseboard.

Thank you to all who came to support and purchased a little something... we raised £250 for year group funds.  Now just to decide on what to spend it on! ... Some children have had the idea of donating a proportion to our Hopeful Haven link and th…
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Erupting volcanoes

Our final topic of the year is based around the wonderful world of volcanoes. Over the half term holiday, we asked the children to build a volcano however they could. And wow did they deliver. We had huge volcanoes made from mod rock and tiny volcanoes made from clay. From big to small we were amazed by the effort and look of them all.

Of course, volcanoes erupt so that's what we had to do. Using either bicarbonate of soda and vinegar or Coca-Cola and mentos, we sent froth shooting out of the volcanoes and they were incredibly impressive as well. Take a look at our experiments. We were astounded and had great fun in spite of some horribly damp weather.

Theseus and (the monster) books

Over the last two week, Y3 have innovated their Theseus and the Minotaur story that they imitated last half term. They worked hard to create their own mythical beast character in a build up and a resolution to the original story.
...We had Theseus and The Cyclops, Medusa, Chimera and Griffin.

When finished, they wrote 'blurbs' in no more than 30 words.  This was a challenge because it's never easy to summarise a whole story in such few words, but again, Welford children rose to the challenge and we had a range of fantastic, unique ideas that were all summaries of the story in very different ways.

Children then wrote VIPER questions on the story using question stems to share with Year 1 children.

Here are some photos to show how our books were created and then shared.

These show us working on our books last week

ooks were created.