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Scrumdiddlyumptious Smoothies

Covering a fantastic topic like Scrumdiddlyumptious has provided us the opportunity to do lots of hands on tasks in Year 3. Recently we made some healthy and nutritious smoothies and are currently in the process of writing up instructions on making the smoothies. Before we began we refreshed our memories on the features of an instruction text and as we made our smoothies we went through how we were carrying out each process and what we could write in our instructions to make it informative and precise. At the end of it we got to enjoy our delicious smoothie!


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Year 3 have been building their own cars in D.T. Once built they were used to investigate the effects of friction. to do this the children rolled the cars down a series of different ramps which each had a different surface texture. Sponge, wood, sandpaper and carpet. Before beginning their investigation they made a series of predictions about which surfaces would create the most friction. Then the fun began !
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